Philip Rosado

Philip Rosado

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First Name * Philip
Last Name * Rosado
Username * PhilipR
Country * United States
City port st. lucie
Nationality American
Languages English


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My name is Philip Rosado and thanks for stopping by.
I am a graduate of Full Sail Real World Education in Orlando Florida. I studied Computer Animation and received a bachelors degree majoring in Hard Surface/Environment modeling. I also received a Course Directors Award in Character Animation and a Certificate Of Completion for Extended Studies in the Media Arts for Full Sail's Computer Animation Program.

I worked for Kashat Productions in SugarLand Tx. as a Compositor and Cleanup Artist. My duties included following the director's vision, cleaning scene plates, animation, adjust lighting where necessary, and compile and composite final vision.
I am a Studio Artist for the Computer Animation department at Full Sail University. I work in the Model Creation, Shading and lighting and Compositing departments. Here I assist and teach in the lab environments and create various Hard Surface models which are used in multiple programs.
In the military simulation and gaming industry I worked as a 3D Developer for the Harrington Group. There creating models and environments for Boeing and assets to be used in the Crytek Engine shown at the 2008 ITSEC.
I have completed work on a Stereoscopic film, Project 880 for Frantic Films in Los Angeles. I was a Stereo Tracking Artist on this film. I also completed a 3D shot on the film using Maya and Mental Ray. Some shots completed on this film made the Avatar movie trailer.
Some Freelance work completed were assets on a music video for (Danger Radio /Slow Dance With A Stranger) . In addition completing an asset for a beverage commercial /Yoli

My work brought me to Vancouver where I worked as a Lead 3D Integration Artist for Prime Focus VFX . during my time here I worked on Sucker Punch, Tron, The Big Year, Final Destination 5, and Immortals. I wore many hats here and worked in just about every department. Was a great learning experience.

Currently I am working for Digital Domain as an Integration, Matchmove, and Hardsurface Modeler. What a blast this industry is. I will keep you posted on my future features at DD. .


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